One thought on “Whose ‘public good’ does engaged research serve?

  1. This is great a positive look at an old question how does an individual contribute to the academic culture and influence decisions that will affect the community in a way that will be hugely felt and benefit the affected society?
    Access to qualify, and be part of the university has been the main constraints as many academicians publish ‘stuff’ that is not digestible to the common man and will not be readily available to the public as they write for the academic world and do not see the reason to stoop down low and register their antennae towards the underlying gaps prevalent within the society,At present I am the chair of Diversity Lewes( which is a community interest group that works with a cross section of partners and players to deal with and create awareness on a wide range of discriminatory policies and incidences,I have the privilege of being accepted for a Post Graduate course in Community Engagement and Enterprises Through C.U.P.P. at the Brighton University which will go along way to solidify my academic credentials but ideally I would love to see my 4 years of work within the community is acknowledged and preserved so future generations can have a stepping stone/foundation laid out for them so that they can move to the next stage of collaboration in research and engagement with the Universities.
    Funding constraints and full time education renders it very difficult especially for ethnic minorities to gain the required qualifications to make them formidable players within the academia.
    I am glad someone has seen the richness of accepting a diverse learning envirinment as this reflects our ever changing variable society.

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